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The history of corset began in Victorian era. Initially it was worn as an outer garment by both men and women. The entire dress was stiffened to give a shape to the body. Later busk made of a flat piece of whalebone, wood, iron was sewn on corset to make it stiffer. It was shaped properly and held on to the body by laces. In 1700, corset was designed similar to an inverted cone. By 1800, corset was worn to support the breast and to improve the body posture, over which an outer garment would be worn. It was not flexible and was very much uncomfortable. After physicians explaining about the health hazard, new corsets were invented in different shapes to comfort people. Corset has undergone lot of changes and is found to be more convenient these days. It is a garment which is worn around the waist over which an outer garment is worn. It is actually worn to obtain an hourglass figure. It burns the extra fat in the belly and helps to main the slim look. The continuous wearing of corset would provide an excellent result in shaping the body. After marvelous changes from the ancient to the current world, corset is being used worldwide. Images courtesy Corset